Hoi An Cooking Class

After spending an amazing couple of weeks travelling around Vietnam, Brooke and I thought we would do a slightly different post this week and recap our experience in Hoi An attending the Morning Glory cooking school.

The Morning Glory cooking school has garnered a well-deserved reputation over the years and was the first cooking school established in Hoi An. Owner and founder Ms Trinh Diem Vy is a third generation chef and native of Hoi An whose cooking classes have featured in various publications around the world. The cooking school itself is now located a short stroll away from the Morning Glory restaurant at The Market Restaurant.

The day commenced in the best possible way with an all you can eat buffet breakfast at The Market Restaurant. Next we were taken by boat to the markets for a guided tour, our guide spoke very good English and was able to give great insight. We were then given a tour of The Market Restaurant, before heading upstairs to the classroom to commence the cooking class. It was a large group (approx 30 people) but we had lots of helpers who walked around to offer guidance.
Whilst you don’t cook absolutely every component yourself, some is prepared by the teacher the course is still fantastic.

Our class was lead by the extremely talented Ms. Lu, Head Chef of The Market Restaurant. Ms. Lu has worked with Ms. Vy since she was 14 years of age working her way up to Head Chef. During the cooking masterclass menu we prepared a variety of dishes, which consisted of fresh shrimp and cabbage soup, green mango salad, skewered BBQ chicken and the classic Vietnamese crispy pancake (banh xeo).

This really was a highlight of the trip and we  would certainly recommend The Morning Glory Cooking Class!

Hoi An Cooking Class

Sticky Rice

The Morning Glory Cooking Class

Fried Shallots - Market Restaurant

Hoi AN Markets

Ms. Lu The Morning Glory Cooking Class

Shrimp and Cabbage Soup

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